I have been quietly developing software for small to medium sized companies. All of my work resides in corporate servers. "Safe In A Flash™" is my first attempt at providing software for the masses. I am proud of the work that has been done on this product and will make an announcement of its release.

If you go to the portfolio page you will see snapshots of the software that I have produced for my clients.

If you have a project that you would like for us to help with please go to my contact page.


In 1987 James Bertino worked for a small start-up company in Boca Raton, Florida. This company was on the leading edge of telephony technology. The company made on-hold equipment and was introducing a new technology known as auto-attendant/voice mail equipment to the South Florida market place. During this time Mr. Bertino assembled, installed and maintained all equipment sold by the company. Mr. Bertino then began working as a diagnostic engineer at Seagate, Inc.; a hard drive manufacturer. One of his positions at the company was to create a device that would test the drives automatically. When this project was completed Seagate laid off all workers in the Delray Beach, Florida office and re-opened in Taiwan using an unskilled labor force and the newly created testing device. This is when the concept of CTC was conceived; 1989.

After an elevator accident in 1990 involving the president of Computer & Telephone Consultants, the company remained small. In the beginning this was a matter of necessity but over time found that staying small had its' advantages. Focusing on a hand full of clients and staying with them gave us the uncanny ability to anticipate their needs. In other words remaining small allowed us to focus on the customers' needs and less on CTC's.

Although CTC focused on software development, clients utilized all services offered such as maintenance and support of their networks as well as installation of phone systems and networks.

Having close relationships allowed CTC to work on other systems as well. One odd project was the rebuilding and modification of a drag strip's timing system. It had been struck by lightning and CTC worked through the night before the premier MOPAR event. The following morning spectators watched, on time, what they had come to see.

CTC closed and Royal Palm Software, LLC opened July 3, 2008.




Client Comments

Master's Medical. Inc.

I just wanted to share some compliments that we have received that are directly related to your full installation in our new facility, as well as to again voice our satisfaction with the hardware/software customization, installation, implementation and integration that you accomplished. Beyond this, however, I want to personally thank you for your on-going commitment to maintenance and educating all of us here at MASTERS MEDICAL, INC.

We recently considered changing our telephone carrier and have had numerous sales reps along with their engineering counterparts visit with proposals. Each and every one has commented on the "forethought and effective planning" that is evident in our "Com" (computer & communication) Room. We have been pleased many times by having followed your advice relative to the wiring of various stations as well as security and emergency contingencies.

We also, as you are aware, continue to work to improve our "shopping" and Inventory Control programs and are actively seeking better ways to integrate our systems and communications with our sister corporation in the UK. Every professional that we have dealt with has complimented us on the integrity and security of the system while also complimenting the ease of negotiating within the system. And, while employees always grumble when they have to learn something new, they all have to admit that demands on their time have been eased by the new systems and many job responsibilities are simplified.

I, finally, wanted to thank you for your ongoing maintenance and how it is accomplished. I truly appreciate the fact that you do most maintenance during our company "off" hours. Since down time is minimized, frustration levels are minimized and productivity is increased.

I look forward to an on-going business collaboration.

Very truly yours,
Robert l. Braun, Controller

Sara Blumberg Attorney at Law

I wanted to drop you a line for the longest time to thank you for all the words and acts of computer wisdom you have shared with me during the past several years. Throughout all of my office’s crises (bugs, viruses, and the like) to your technical advice (Jay, how do I do such and such, or what type of equipment should I buy), you have always provided me with top quality service and advice. I am so thankful that Debbie and Mike referred me to you so long ago. I wouldn’t and haven’t hesitated to recommend you to others in need of sound computer advice. I only hope that you continue to engage in this line of work for as long as I need to rely on computers as I would be lost without your technical and practical knowledge. Thanks for always being there for me.


Sara Blumberg
Attorney at Law

Action Marketing

I want to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate the work you have done for Action Marketing. In particular, the program/application you wrote for me.

The new program saves me at least two hours work on every list I run for my customers. Using the old software application I was forced to create multiple files, compile them and then make my special requests. This process would take anywhere from two to eight hours depending on the quantities needed. Now I can run everything with just one request. The one request now takes about 15 minutes. You have lifted a heavy burden and have literally allowed me to apply my time to other, much needed, areas of my job.

Thank you again for your help. Your talent is appreciated.

Debbie Levasseur
Project Coordinator









United States

Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

Costa Rica

Miramar Montes de Oro, Puntarenas, Costa Rica