"GateSmarts™" is my current project. This solution is built from the ground up for four different scenarios.

  • Gated, guarded communities
  • Gated, unguarded communities
  • Gated compounds or individual homes
  • Gated government facilities


  • "GateSmarts™" controls a variety of gates, doors and other systems.
  • There is no limit to the number of egress points or of inner zones (pool, gym, garage...).
  • "GateSmarts™" works with rf, barcode, pin pad and mag strip readers.
  • You control "GateSmarts™" our iPhone/Android app or via its web interface.

More information about this project coming soon.

Safe In A Flash

"Safe In A Flash™" was an attempt to safely store a users files using a standard flash drive. This project was abandoned when an inherent security flaw was discovered in USB flash drives. This discovery convinced me that USB flash drives are not a secure media to place secured information.

Royal Palm Software, LLC

Since July 3, 2008 I have been quietly developing software for small to medium sized companies. Most all of my work resides in corporate servers. I cannot speak of all of the projects I have worked on due to non-discloser agreements. "Safe In A Flash™" was my first attempt at providing software for the public.